• Guaranteed Whale Sightings*
  • Includes Gear & Morning Tea
  • Safe & Responsible

About the tour

Hervey Bay Dive Centre operates the regions only dedicated whale swim experience between July and early-September (for mid-September our tour moves to a whale watch focus).

This exclusive experience is an incredibly special opportunity to watch & swim with one of natures most majestic mammals, the Humpback whale, a curious, gentle and trusting creature.

Each sighting is different and every whale swim unique and personal. People that have swam with whales often describe the experience as "life changing". Our cruise maximises your opportunity to swim with the whales. Our boat departs from the Dive Centre on the Boat Club Marina with limited passengers/swimmers (max 12) and is crewed by our experienced skipper and friendly crew making for a more personal experience. Whilst our tour focuses on swimming with the whales there is plenty opportunity to watch them in the best whale watching destination in Australia.

For the whales comfort we only snorkel with them as they're not keen on bubbles. We provide you with a wetsuit and snorkelling equipment.


  • Swim with whales (when conditions permit)
  • Up-close half-day whale encounter
  • Snorkeling gear and wetsuits are provided
  • Guaranteed whale sightings*
  • Morning tea
  • Courtesy transfers on request

Swim (Peak) / Watch (Low) Season

From mid-July to early September is the best time to immerse with the whales. During this time the tour will focus on maximising your opportunity to swim with the whales. This is our peak season which we run in the morning.

From September more calves start arriving in the bay. As a requirement of our Marine Park Permit we are not able to swim with calves. This makes finding suitable adult whales to swim with more challenging. Therefore, from September, to the end of the season in late October, our tour focuses on more of a unique watch experience. This is our low season which we run in the afternoon. If the opportunity arises to swim during this period we will aim to get you in the water.


Swim Rates (peak season July - September)

  • Seat: $195

Watch Rates (low season September - October)

  • Seat: $150

What to bring

  • Your towel and swimmers
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen
  • Warm jacket
  • Camera, GoPro etc

Departure info

Day trip Departs: 9:30am / Returns: 3:30pm (eta)
* Please note: Every effort will be made to maximise your opportunity to swim with the whales. However, swimming is conditions dependant and cannot be guaranteed. Permits restrict all operators from swimming with mothers and calves.
Not suitable for children under 4 years old.

humpback whale

Our boat

Our whale swim and dive boat - M.V. Utopia - is a modern 40ft powercat capable of reaching the whale watching grounds in under 40min. Fast and comfortable, passenger numbers are deliberatley limited to 12 for a more personal experience.

Hervey Bay whale season

Hervey Bay is a world class whale watching destination located 3hrs north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The Hervey Bay whale season runs from August to October.

Hervey Bay's climate is mild even in winter with water temperatures around 19°C (wetsuits available on request). Sheltered by stunning Fraser Island the waters around Hervey Bay are usually calm making for excellent swimming conditions. Whilst the weather is usually warm we recommend bringing a windproof jacket for your comfort on the boat between swims.

Whale swims take place in Platypus Bay a short cruise from Hervey Bay.

whale swimming hervey bay
humpback whale

The humpback whale

The whales that visit Hervey bay during the winter months (late July - late October) are Humpbacks. They are truly majestic animals and an honour to witness, especially up close and personal in the water!

Humpbacks are incredibly playful and curious whales. Hervey Bay is the best place in Australia to see Humpbacks and the only place where they willingly approach to within feet of boats in an act called mugging. Their relaxed and curious attitude whilst in Hervey Bay make for one of the best whale swimming venues in the world.

Responsible nature tour

We take your safety and the whales comfort very seriously. We only enter the water at the whales discretion and when it is safe to do so. All swimmers need to respect the reasons for this and follow our directions at all times.

We are extremely privileged to be able to swim with these magnificent mammals and have a responsibility to respect them and their environment. Each swim is conducted inline with the Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching and our internal Code of Conduct.

humpback whale hervey bay

Guaranteed whale sightings

Swimming CANNOT be guaranteed but whale watching is. We only enter the water on the whale's terms therefor, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get to swim with the whales.

In the unlikely event that our boat does not see any whales you will be offered a complimentary return ticket valid for the same season.